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Helen Starbuck

“An altogether satisfying romance and whodunit.” —Kirkus Reviews

Synopsis of the standalone romantic suspense novel, Legacy of Secrets

Kate Earnshaw’s father’s suicide has left many unanswered questions, and the more she discovers, the more Kate wonders if she ever really knew him. Other families pass down their stories, Kate Earnshaw’s family’s secrets disappear from one generation to the next. Can she can trust Evan Hastings, the handsome, but somewhat puzzling man who lives on the property near her father’s abandoned family home? Evan seems to knows more about her father than Kate did. Curiosity and jealousy about Evan’s relationship with her father calls her back to eastern Colorado, where they unearth more than the past.

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“A lesser author would have delivered a familiar, spunky-and-hunky romance between Kate and Evan, but Starbuck deepens their relationship and does it justice. She believably portrays exactly why Kate would be jealous, as well as how offensive her assumptions about country folk are. Both lovers have a lot to learn, and they do—and it’s no spoiler to reveal that they end up living happily ever after. An altogether satisfying romance and whodunit.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Starbuck has created memorable characters and writes in a way that shows the reader’s enjoyment is always foremost in her mind.” —IndieReader

“Thought this was the best book so far by Helen Starbuck. Like the Colorado setting/references. It was suspense filled and an interesting romance.” —Ann M. Rath, Amazon 5-Star Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Starbuck’s characters are engaging and make you want to root for them. Intriguing plot with a satisfying ending. Altogether, a perfect read for a lazy weekend!” —Mary A. Walewski, Amazon 5-Star Review

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Wholesale discounts available, inquire at [email protected]. ISBN: 978-0-9992461-2-2 Trim: 5.5″ x 8.5″, Pages: 254 Published by: Routt Street Press

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A grieving daughter and a family filled with secrets has left Kate Earnshaw with many unanswered questions. Searching for the answers threatens to unearth more than just the past.

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